miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2009

Gravewurm - Funeral Empire - 2009

Band : Gravewurm
Title : Funeral Empire
Country : USA
Black/Thrash/Doom/Death Metal
1.Foul Beasts of the Abyss02:52
2.Forged in the Fires of War04:27
3.The Plague Shall Spill Forth02:16
4.The Gates of Hell05:08
5.Vanguard of the Styxx05:58
6.Prepare the Coffin04:10
7.Enslaved Immortality03:05
9.Decree of Doom02:34
10.Tower of Shadows07:07
11.Nemesis Legion03:15
12.Hail the Victorious Dead04:04
13.Evil Blood04:50
14.Enter the Apocalypse02:23
15.Annihilation Declaration (Live)03:09
16.Nocturnal Inquisition (Live)04:23
17.Crown of the Fallen (Live)03:52
Total playing time01:08:29

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