jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2009

Thy Rites - Thy Infernal Coronation - 2008

Band : Thy Rites
Title : Thy Infernal Coronation
Country : Brazil
Black Death Metal
includes 2 bonus tracks:

8. Summoning the Abominations Curse
9. Bloodshed Visions
1.Christianicide Onslaught05:31
2.Bloodshed Visions03:21
3.Summoning the Abominations Curse03:16
4.Obliteration of the Holy Scum03:21
5.Thy Infernal Coronation04:07
6.Beasts by Bloodlust03:22
7.Unpurification in Sodomy09:13
Total playing time32:11

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