jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2009

Krisiun - Works of Carnage - 2003 (Reissue 2009)

Band : Krisiun
Title : Works of Carnage
Country : Brazil
1.Thorns of Heaven03:52
3.Ethereal World02:20
4.Works of Carnage03:28
5.Slaughtering Void03:05
6.Scourged Centuries02:22
7.War Ritual01:13
8.Wolfen Tyranny02:53
9.Sentinel of the Fallen Earth03:14
11.In League With Satan (Venom cover)02:48
Total playing time31:57
Bonus Tracks:

13. Slain fate (bonus track)
14. Ominous (bonus track)
15. Servant of emptiness (bonus track)
16. Eons (bonus track)
17. Thorns of heaven (live (bonus track))
18. Murderer (live (bonus track))
19. Ethereal world (live (bonus track))
20. Wolfen tyranny (live (bonus track))
21. In league with satan (live (bonus track))
22. Works of carnage (live (bonus track))


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