viernes, 4 de septiembre de 2009

Satanic Slaughter - Land Of The Unholy Souls - 1996

Band : Satanic Slaughter
Title : Land Of The Unholy Souls
Country : Sweden
Black/Death Metal
"Satanic Queen", "Demons Feast" and "One Night in Hell" are old demo-songs
written in the 80's.
2.Hatred Of God01:46
3.Servant Of Satan03:00
4.Satanic Queen02:51
5.Demons Feast03:12
6.Forever I Burn03:19
7.Legions Of Hades01:19
8.Breath Of The Serpent That Rules The Cold World03:19
9.Immortal Death01:41
10.Land Of The Unholy Souls03:28
11.One Night In Hell03:23
12.Dark Ritual02:47
13.Forever I Burn03:42
Total playing time35:47

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